Finally, you run your Unity Game in a Mobile Browser!

Our Unity2Canvas Technology Suite exports your Unity game assets to HTML5 2D Canvas, which makes deploying games to messenger apps like FB Instant Games a perfect use case.

Mission: Customize Unity for Gambling

Launched late 2014, RelEx Studio “aka Unity Gambling” was established with the specific goal of creating Custom Solutions in Unity for the Gambling Industry. The RelEx Studio's team brings nearly 10 years of experience in the gambling industry and over 25 years in software development.

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The Problem: Gambling Restriction in App Stores

Following nearly 24 months of conception, design and code development, RelEX is prepared to deliver a long-awaited solution to the fundamental challenge that gambling companies face – the nearly global restriction on gambling content by the app stores.

Due to this bar to gambling games in most jurisdictions worldwide, the gambling industry had to adopt games being coded in HTML5. Unfortunately, making games in plain HTML5/JavaScript is very difficult versus the smooth development pipeline and tool chain that the Unity engine provides. Until now, the C♯ scripts used by Unity could not be converted to JavaScript to run in a mobile browser.

The Solution: “Unity2Canvas”

The Unity2Canvas Technology Suite, built on the Unity Game Engine, solves this limitation. That is, Unity authored content can now be exported to a mobile browser and desktop browser simultaneously! Since Unity2Canvas is NOT WebGL technology, Unity2Canvas can run not only on a mobile browser, but also on a wider range of desktop browsers (e.g., IE 9) than WebGL currently does.

The Unity2Canvas Technology Suite includes a cross platform and feature-rich HTML5 Engine that delivers the full 2D functionality of the Unity Engine (e.g., particle system, animations, asset bundles, c# scripting, UnityEngine UI, DLLs, et al.) in addition to the Unity2Canvas Exporter. To be clear, the Unity2Canvas HTML5 Engine has the exact same API as the Unity Engine.

The Unity2Canvas Technology Suite is the missing link to making Unity a cross platform solution for gambling; and a realistic option as a SUBSTITUTE FOR FLASH! With Unity2Canvas, you get the artist and developer friendly rapid game development pipeline that Unity provides with the ability to now reach a heretofore unattainable target for Unity: mobile browsers. More importantly for Flash Developers, once your game runs on a mobile browser, the game runs smoothly on older and more modern desktop browser.


Comparison to WebGL

Why Unity2Canvas is better