Unity2Canvas Product Webinar:
Migrate your games off Flash

Following Adobe's recent announcement to end of life Flash by the end of 2020, developers with content in Flash are considering migrating off Flash.

Our past experience is that many Flash developers have been keen to move to Unity, but Unity’s inability to run on older desktop browsers meant the prospect of abandoning a very valuable customer population that still uses older browsers like IE9.

The Unity2Canvas team sought to solve this limitation in Unity by creating a companion solution (an HTML5 cross platform engine and exporter) that allows you to use the Unity Editor, but still be able to target older and more modern desktop browsers in addition to simultaneously targeting mobile browsers.

Join us for a webinar to learn more about Unity2Canvas and explore whether Unity2Canvas is a valid migration option for your company.

Hear directly from our engineers on:

  1. How the Tool is Constructed;
  2. Overview of all the Features Supported; and
  3. How Easy it is to Use along with Unity;

Register for one of the 35 minute webinars (w/Q&A following) at the times below:
September 6th: 1 am San Francisco (9 a.m. London and 4 p.m. Singapore)
September 6th: 9 am San Francisco (5 p.m. London)